Considering a complete defense overhaul

Which of the following would you prefer:

Mother North - Mitsuko - Richard - Kage - Poseidon (current)


Kingston - Jabberwock - Costume Vivica - Vela - Marjana

I could also do some mixing and matching obviously, but emblems does become a consideration…

I feel like both setups are very good, but I would use number two because I think putting emblems there would benefit you more for raid offense.
I would do the following for number 2 though:
Marjana - Vela - Vivica - Jabber - Kingston
The rationale is that Vivica slows down defense, which helps more Jabber than Vela (because of the dot component) therefore Jabber should attack after vivica casts. Same for interchanging marjana and kingston


Magic viv rocks…

Do you have a holy lvl 29 mana troop

Nope, that’s a ways off for me. Incidentally, running into your defense partially inspired me to think about costume viv tank (I re-rolled fyi). What tank did you switch to her from, and did you see a substantial improvement in results after?

Good point. Another thought, is this setup too reliant on applying status ailments? Feels like a cleanser or protector might take a lot of the bite out of my team…

Definitely susceptible to cleansers and protectors for the DoT (although Jabber’s can’t be dispelled once it hits), but I still like option 2 better. Maybe I’m just partial to the heroes I have vs the heroes I haven’t been lucky enough to get (Mutha, Mitsuko, Kage, Poseidon). Lol.

Actually is somewhat of a concern but depending on the order of casts, they may never clean all of your status.
Anyway, your defense is very strong so should keep you in diamond without any problems. If you had some other blue sniper like alice or Athena or alasie maybe I would move marjana out for Mitsuko and vela out for that sniper, but I guess it depends on the rest of your roster.

Switched from using emblemed drake, then ursena.

I gave jabber drakes monk emblems and put him in at flank.

And yes I have. I still drop cups, but see lots of wins among the high cup losses haha. War defense is improved as well.

What my defense war stats looked like for a few wars. I dont keep track anymore. Too much work recording war log.

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That’s because you made it too much work lol

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The 2nd option looks considerably better to me. Much better mana speeds, better defensive heroes, much more punishing.

This is true hah…

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