Consider this, DEVs, you're missing a vital info regarding AW matchmaking

Needless to say, new AW matching is the same failure as before. I know this is the third iteration yet still…

I would like you to consider the following observations for your next attempt:

  • Not all players enjoy AW:
    Resulting in free points for the opposing team during AW. Those players do not participate. Some of them don’t even fix their AW teams resulting in easy points;

  • Top 30 heroes comparison is also flawed in the current implementation:
    A dead 5* team revives 5* resulting in impossibility to take it down again in the second round with 3s or similar. Meaning second wave of attacks is moot. A 5 team can take countless 3*s with a single healer present.

  • Matchmaking is done before Team arrangement:
    It’s done on purely database comparison with no other factors involved. Which clearly does not work at all.

Let me make a few propositions to think about:

    1. Implement AW participation toggle Yes/No. This locks the choice for 7 days. You state you are interested in PvP or not.
    1. At all times players are allowed to designate up to 5(6) AW teams in a new AW menu, or a tick in the Teams screen.
    1. In preparation phase players are allowed to fiddle with their 5(6) teams before they are locked for the AW
    1. A destroyed team stays dead and is replaced with the next highest player team locked for AW
    1. Get rid of the Revenge bar:
      A revenge bar forces attackers to only attack enemies with 300 power less than their team. This revenge bar is equal to a 4* 200% to all enemies type of hero. This is no joke which results in a hit and miss handicapped battles. Takes away the joy.

With all of the above - now you are able to match up the top 30(36) heroes against other alliances. All fair - number of players to participate, hero rosters, team powers - etc.

Discuss :wink:

1: yes. The much discussed and liked opt out button.

2-3: So, these team would be locked before you can see the opposing line up? and you would be forced to us those team for attacking? That would suck. Either you would have to use shoot yourself in the leg and prepare rainbow team, or prepare team for either some or all colors of tanks and hope you can find them in the opposing line-up. For defence teams (point 4) this could work, we’ll get to that. But for attacking team I would hate it cause it remove’s the flexibility. This could be done so that you declare the heroes that you want/are going to use in AW, but you don’t have to divide them in (attack) team yet. Then the MM could look at 30 best from those heroes.

4: This has been a suggestion before, and it might be a good one. First thing that came to my mind this time was scoring. How are you going to implement scoring?
Would the points rescale after every new def team appearing? This could cause the problem of taking out some team again and again to stack the points to certain teams, would this be tactics or abuse? I don’t know, but it is a possible problem.
Or you could give each “tier” of def teams it’s own 2k points to divide between them. This would make the attack a guessing-game, where do you find the most points? Not really liking that
Or would the new def team give the same amount of points as the first one? This might encourage people to have equal def team but would punish shallower benches even more.
Now that I’ve written my thoughts out the first option might work, I’m little bit scared about the fact that there might be some abusing tactic that you could develop.

5: I have not yet have felt that I was “forced” to attack lower TP teams, and I have not attacked lower TP teams. And still I’ve had fun, and I’ve been able to takedown opponents. It requires just a little bit different tactic (healers, healers, healers). Now revenge arrows could be taken away, I’m not against it, but there should be something else the replace them that makes war attacks feel different from raids IMO.

Also I’m starting to see the new MM as a step to a right direction, let’s see how the future war pan out, at least ATM I’m feeling a little bit optimistic. :slight_smile:

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Spot on :slight_smile: Not locked but declared for use. In preparation phase you lock your Defense Teams. Attacking - you are free to pull up heroes from your AW Declared roster as you wish.

Simple: Each star = 10 points. 1^5* Hero = 50 points. Add a modifier for Ascended ones say 1.5x. So 3^5* would be 2xAscendions=2x1.5=3x50=150 points. This has to be played with.

OR: The fairest one - 1HP = 1 point. No question asked. Scoring would be in the thousands but still the most fair assessment done of damage done.

Maybe in the 5^5*70 arena the revenge bar does not matter. I’m constantly wary of it where we are at the moment.

I think restricting the attack heroes would be a poor idea. Between me continuing to level heroes through the war and the fact that I pick from my bench depending on what I need to fight, I’ve never used the same set of lesser heroes in two wars once I had used my top teams.


I can see what you mean but we have to set a solid point so the match-making is as fair as possible.

Even if you get a new hero that is better than the one you have locked - no big deal. Next war :slight_smile:

Thing is - the current state of AW is such because there are no rules whatsoever. Not in any PvP sense that is. Devs are iterating on various *SELECTs from DB approaches which clearly is not working.

It would not work, if you do that a player can put five heroes of level 1 * without ascending so that you win few points and you could not do anything.

Nope. If you put 1* heroes you would be matched with similar teams. You can’t cheat that easily. That is why first you lock your teams then system makes the matching.

But it could be done, for example. That you would but your 5 first teams as 1* and then then last team full of 5*. Then you could do 2-3 proper attack by placing the 5* there and so on… Scoring directly by HP or stars would not work IMO, theres always a way to work that system, would not go about chancing the current score system.

Also, I’m a mid game player, I have mostly 3*-4* in my war roster, only 3x5* none of which are in last chevron, one not even in third. Still I don’t see the revenge arrows as a problem

It would be much simpler to just weight the strength of the most powerful 5 more than the other 25 to compensate for the revive factor and those teams being out of contention for most people.

Nope. You lock heros for a war roster first before preparation phase.

This gives MM enough to do it’s work.

Then you use that same roster to lock Defense teams.

You can only use heroes for attack that are already locked for defense(!)

Defense teams order is not in the player control(!) It’s aranged by the system according to TP.

Still, wouldn’t slotting in 5-10 good heroes and 20-25 1* break the system? as it looks for the whole 30, then you would either get matched up with a similar opponent, or the bad case: someone with average of 3* in their roster.

Edit: But I do admit that system deciding the order of def team is a good thing :slight_smile:

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Slotting 5-10 powerful and 20 weak will only game the system in favor of the enemy :slight_smile:

Do not forget that total HP / points is equal for both teams if MM is done correctly.

Which means your 10+20 will be matched against 30 good ones. Someone else kills your ace team and the rest is left to others to get easy points.

Yes to this ^. The system as outlined is just begging to be gamed by lopsided power distributions.

Think again. The math speaks differently :wink:

No they won’t be. Would you like to calculate the HP of my ten 5* and 20 1*, then work out what a more evenly distributed team would be comprised of?

Here’s the maths.

HP for 10 x 5* + 20 x 1* = (roughly) 18,500

For a team of 30 heroes with a roughly even distribution, average HP of 620 means less then fully ascended 3* heroes.

Shall we allow those 3* heroes to be fully ascended, just for the sake of generosity? Let’s do that.

Now how do you think they will fare against those 10 fully ascended 5* heroes?

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5x1000(5^4*) + 25x350(1^1*) = 13750


30x458(2^3*) ~ 13750

you can get to beat only the first team winning 5x458=2290 points

you opponent will win all 5 remaining matches killing 25x350=8750 points


Your calculations are wrong. You said

but you’ve calculated 5+25. Plus, of course, ascended 5* heroes have considerably more than 1000 hp - 1250 is closer to the norm - and unascended 1* heroes typically have less than 350 - 300 is closer to the norm.

But for the sake of the discussion, let’s use your revised example. I’m happy to assume that my team of fully ascended 5* attackers would only defeat the first of my opponent’s defensive teams (that’s assuming I must use my first defence team as one of my attack teams - otherwise I’d obviously spread those 5* attackers across 2 or 3 teams, to get 2 or 3 wins).

Do you think my opponent’s six teams of fully ascended 3* attackers (or worse) would ever kill my first defence team, those five fully ascended 5* heroes? I do not. I think I’d win every war against such opponents without my defence ever being defeated.

You forget that AW is a team effort. Someone else will kill your first team or first two teams.

Also, MM won’t be taking into account only the total HP but power as well.

You are not obliged to have 6 full teams. Consider you have 2x5* + 4x1* teams and I have 2x5* + 2x3* teams amounting to the same points. Who will get more points in the end?

If we assume one wins every time one attacks - you will win 2 battles and I will win 4 battles - resulting in me getting more points.

It’s not so easy to game the system IMHO.

I think it is you who has forgotten that AW is a team effort: my whole alliance will structure their defences like mine, because we’re a great team. So every opposing player will be in the same boat, with their puny collection of 3* heroes hopelessly glancing off our impregnable 5* defences.

And just to clarify: you will never win any battles, or score any points. In AW, battles are only won and points are only scored on attack. Your attacks will never beach my defences - you will be crushed every time and never score a point. Most of my attacks will lose, too - my 1* heroes will never hurt your 3* defences - but my 5* heroes will crush your defences with ease, and the points they earn will be enough for me to cruise to victory.

Frankly, I don’t think you’ve thought this through.