Conquering the Ninja Tower—How to get a Top 100 score!

Want to get in the top 100 of the Ninja Tower?

Just improve your scores? Avoid Curses?


Though this one didn’t get much response, and I’m not one of those aiming for a top ranking, I just wanted to share I really appreciate your contributions. Might be aimed at more competing or spending players, but it can also help other players just to understand how those big scores are accomplished. Plenty of tips even for average players to improve scores. You sharing knowledge is just great!

Thanks for putting so much effort into creating these vids. Pretty well done in my opinion.
I just wonder where you find all the time to do this… :wink:


Thank you. I appreciate the positive feedback. The game and the videos is a hobby. I have been learning a lot of new skills with making videos.

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Nice video although it looks too expensive to be competitive in ninja towers more than in tournaments for which the rewards are better.

On a side note: I’m pretty sure you are missing tons of damages by not selecting the crit ones. The following tables is extract from the troops guide topics of this forum and shows that crit troops are the most effective to increase tiles damages:

Thanks and that may very well be, but knowing that it took 2 years to get to 4X 23+ mana troops I do not see me switching troops any time soon. :slight_smile:

I just took the calculation made with respect to the crit troop as an exemple but I was referring to the fact that you did not select the crit bonus as bonus during the ninja tower.

It might be better than selecting the attack bonus although in the over hand the attack bonus also applies to the special skill. Maybe then instead of the mana per turn? I don’t feel like this is much relevant. Certainly not during the first stages since you kill everyone in less than 5 moves but probably also during the last stages cause I don’t think you make more than 15 moves either?

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This is some great thinking and dialogue. I should go back and count moves to see where the benefits are coming into play. Knowing that the goal is to limit moves, maybe opts for crit over the added mana every 5 moves. Lots to think about. Thank you!

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