Connectivity issues leading to lost energy

I’m getting really tired of losing connection just as a battle begins (map, raid, or titan) and having my energy reduced but not getting to battle. This issue needs to be resolved and it’s really ticking me off. Especially for titans and expensive quests.

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While I understand your frustration, this sounds to me like a problem with your internet service, not with the game’s programming. If SG refunded energy when someone disconnected, that would become a huge exploit where people could intentionally disconnect when they got a bad board or bad luck.


I think the issue could be fixed by removing energy AFTER the battle has actually started instead of in preparation for it. This would solve the issue and still prevent dishonest people from exploiting the game because they would still lose energy by quitting early.

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I feel for you…

 [Internet Dropped, didn’t get into the Fight, 7 Energies lost! ](

I just lost 10 world energy, because my mobile phone found a WLAN to connect. My internet connection was totally ok until then, but this reconnect issue makes me crazy. Although I used a mobile data connection, the wlan seems to have a higher priority - but if the wlan has no internet connection, the game closes instantly. And I cannot understand why I should lose my world energy without having played the level although I was connected to the internet. My other apps are working fine; only E&P does not like my mobile data connection.

I went after my 7 lost energies! However they wouldn’t reimburse me, they must think I’m trying to scam them! However I’ve been playing since December the 7th, and all that time, only just recently experienced such an anomaly.

My Internet dropped when I was in the process of having clicked on ’ FIGHT! 7 ’ button in Province 20 [ Doomspire ] Stage 9 when I was going after some resources. It took my 7 energies but I was waiting with the animation circle on the button spinning around. I didn’t even get into the fight and this game stole 7 energies.

… am I frustrated? Certainly am! They should have been considered to my situation, and they weren’t.

While it most certainly sucks if this happens, i agree that this is hardly the fault/responsibility for SG.

Id say this happens to you once and then never again. At home/work where you know your WiFi is good? Play on WiFi. Moving around where you dont know? Play on mobile data.

If they would allow this then i have a couple of titan flags id want back bc people called me mid fight etc etc.

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But this is the problem. The Game will lose the connection even if there is a mobile data connection! I need to restart the game several times per day, because I am constantly getting kicked out. Luckily most of the time while chatting.

When my phone and it’s connections are to blame, I cannot hold SG accountable. It’s annoying, but the solution must be found with my phone/internet.

(I play on WiFi only at my home; when the internet drops, I lose my game…and ability to do anything else on the internet, because the problem is my connection, not an outside app provider, I.e., SG).

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