Connectivity issue (Indonesia), can't login using telkomsel - Solved

Since around 16.50 (GMT+7) yesterday (14-01-2019) I and my friends who use internet provided by telkomsel (Indonesian largest provider) can’t login to the game. When I change to Wi-Fi from other provider, I can access the game, other friends who use other provider can access the game without issue.

I ask other Indonesian player in the forum and they said they have the same issue when login using telkomsel, one of them have asked telkomsel about it but the telkomsel’s response is that the issue is not their issue and told us to report to the game provider (SGG).

NB: Someone told me it can be done with VPN master but I am not sure if that is legal.

Same here. I use telkompret and can’t login.
Have been trying using 4G connection still can’t login after 30 minutes.
I decide to close the game.

So if we use XL or other than telkompor we can login without using WiFi?

Some of my alliance mate having trouble to find WiFi…

What bothering us is… There is no progression bar on the loading screen. We don’t know what’s going on and how much progress we have made to download the components

Yes, my alliance friends who use XL can login without issue. The problem is a lot of the alliance members use telkomsel…

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Thanks mate for your clarification

Same thing here…
But just now I can access the game again but I lost all my progress… And the game starts from zero again…
Please give me back my progress again

sign-in your google play , it should load back your progress

It seems we can now login using telkomsel.

I have done that several times…, But still I started from beginning again

Did you remember saving it in your google play? Try to look at your google play, if you saved it, there should be empires & puzzles achievement inside of it.

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