Connection problemss

Hello, you had some server problems for couple of minutes. Where some people couldnt get into game, and we got 2 zeross in war in that moment, even if they where shots. unfortunetly i dont have any proofs, i didnt record my hits and also didnt make any screenshots, because it hapened for the first time with me. Only screen what i Can show you, is this screen.
Its sad when war winners can be decided by game bugs

I still can’t get into the game, it gets stuck on the initial screen and stays there for an indifenite time

I got back after about 10 minutes, but the shot i made turned into 0 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

This may or may not be connected, but I’ll post here in case more issues arise. Our member eventually got back online but she said she was was locked out for a very long time. She’d gotten a 0 on that attack as well.

Hi all , one of my teammate can’t access game which means only small giant screen is coming and don’t go further . Plz help. Thanks

Any solution plz @Petri @KiraSG

As my teammate couldn’t attack in war and war finished (his 6 banners not used )

Same problemo here. Loading screen and then it just quits back to Phone menu or just stays in the loading screen. What to do?

I have uninstalled the game and installed it again, works fine do far

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