Connection problem

I am having connection issues with the game is anyone else?

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I am back in now but was out about 30 minutes.

Yes I get that quite a bit, it’s a daily thing.

I also have some times when I’m with Wifi, even with a maximum signal. It is the case from yesterday ; can’t connect with wifi but with phone signal i can.

I broke the enemy in the war, I counted 0, the enemy is alive, my heroes disappeared. problems with the Internet at this point was not, I could switch and chat games. summing up lasted more than 10 minutes, after which I was counted as a defeat. please return the points for winning

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let’s see, it’s the second time that today in the war of the alliance I won the battle and when I get the announcement of victory they give me a 0 in the score.

Some explanation??

Another victory with 0 points :angry:

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