Connection problem with Wifi

I am having Wifi connections problems, I can only seem to connect with 4G, than I can change to Wifi, but starting on Wifi wont connect. Very annoying problem since sometimes I forget 4G on.

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I had this same problem i was able to connect with my mobile data but not my wifi… i just tricked it though lol i switched my mobile data off while in game and switched my wifi on its let me stay on so far…

I am doing this, but you can forget to turn the mobile data off. Its an issue and they need to solve this.

The exact same thing happened to me yesterday.

It may not be the games fault. I have no problem with my Wifi at home but cannot connect with my work’s Wifi. Before my work changed to a new permission before logging in, I could connect with their Wifi. So it may not be the game’s fault.

Its weird my ipad has no problems what so ever logging in with my wifi but my phone wont let me…phones mobile data still works though…

Interesting! I am using at home and nothing changed in this connection. There is another connection that I use, on my girlfriends home that there is a permission before logging, but it works okay in there.

It seems to be some iOS or Android conflict with WiFi proxy, I always get this message that it may be a proxy issue. But simply nothing has changed in my connection since it worked just fine 2 days ago. And as no new update was released something is going on, and wrongly.
This is the only app showing this problem.

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