Connection Lost in war, before winning

I’ve Lost connection during The war, just before win a game… 0 Points and Lost flag. My home connection is ok


Me too…lost 3 flags this week because of connection issues and one last week…I wasn’t even in the battle yet in the war…it was on the attack…twice on Titan…same deal …didn’t actually enter the battle…pretty annoying

Same here, lost one flag, best war team and zero points even after a Victory in fight announcement. Really annoying.

Okay. I won the war then the system froze. Zero points, lost a flag and the heroes. If the system can recognize the heroes were used then why can’t it notice who won? The team I beat lost nothing.

Happens alot on android … no clue why, even if my connection is sharp on phone data or wifi!

I attacked and win fight, in the end connection lost and zero point + wasted flag and heroes. Can we fix scores somehow?

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he just gave me a lost fight when the announcement of victory had already come out, all his heroes defeated and mine standing,
But after a while waiting, he gave me 0 points

what happened??

In war alliances attacked the opponent was fighting a message that read Win, I win. Spread on the battlefield, 0 points were highlighted, the opponent is alive, the attempt was taken away, the heroes of which attacked are no longer active. Alliance-Olympia-nick Kazak

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