Connection issues ongoing

I’ve just completed strikewoood and at the end the game came up with a connection issue and reloaded, it’s taken my flags but shows strikewood as still to complete !!!

3:53 AM MST

Ally and I got kicked out while playing a Valhalla level, and lost all flags without counting toward completion.

All of a sudden, while in the middle of playing a level, we both came back to our base.

(Wonder if that’s what happened here too)

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I was in the middle of an assault and he expelled me directly to the fortress without warning of connection problems

I was in the middle of a tournament attack. Got kicked out of the game for about one second. I got a zero for the attack. Might have won it. :cry:

I keep getting frequent disconnects and all support has to say is work with your provider. Everything else works except for the game.

Yeah I was in valla 25-5 and got booted out of it the start up screen appeared for a second then took me back to base.

I was also kicked out of the game during the map. The same with friends and the flags disappear.

Happened to me too. No Wi-Fi symbol, no connection issue, no warnings : just kicked out of a level of Valhalla (while tiles were going) and back to the base.
Soon after, another player in my alliance expiremented the same problem.

I keep getting booted out and losing my turns ours getting a bout old so finally had to complain

I’m getting kicked out every time I try to revenge

Same, I’m getting kicked out before war attacks, raids and map quests. It’ll either kick me out before it loads or right after. Never had this issue up until a couple updates ago. @Guvnor You got any pull with developers to get this issue resolved on their side? Thx

Unfortunately not, no.

Best bet is to log a support ticket to get the issue resolved. Instructions: #contact-support

Or visually:

Credit: @MuadDib


Since the update my game has struggled. Connecting issues, unable to raid, unable to level up heroes. It would be great if you could fix this, it’s obnoxious. Also please listen to us this has absolutely nothing to do with our provider.


They keep using the same language of check with your provider. Since the new updates there are a lot of glitches in game.

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