Connection issues ninja curse

I had a connection issue this morning. I tested my internet and it’s working fine.

I closed the app and reopened. It allowed me in but during a raid it disconnected.
Reopened and harvested my loot from overnight and did some maintenance on my heroes. Worked fine. Killed a titan. Worked fine.
Opened ninja tower and just as I was about to win the level- disconnected.

Each time, I lose whatever battle I was in, I lose the flags associated with the fight, and with ninja, any hero that was cursed during the battle is gone.

This connection issue is not on my end.

I pay good money within this game!

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Hi @CraftBeer76

That sounds very annoying. Best open a support ticket in game as no one on the forum can rectify the issue.

Good luck


My game crashed during level 43 of the Ninja Tower. This is extremely unfair since it’s now literally impossible to complete the event without spending gems.

I don’t recall this game ever crashing prior to update 30 or so. Since then, it crashes every few days and the problem seems to get worse with every update. Crashes happen most often when transitioning between screens or when displaying animations following an attack.

You really need to get this fixed. Loosing world, raid, or titan flags to crashes is annoying. Loosing the ninja tower flag is just infuriating.

EDIT: To add insult to injury, the game “remembers” that one of my heroes had a curse at the time of the crash, which is now permanent. If your programmers can’t figure out how to stabilize the game, then at the very least you need to design it in a way that players aren’t penalized when your buggy software malfunctions.

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I haven’t encountered crashing while doing the Ninja Tower. I encourage people encountering it to report it and submit a support ticket. If noone else has experienced this, then it maybe an isolated incident not necessarily attributable to the glitch in the game but due to network connection issues.

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I submitted a ticket. They asked for the date and time of my issue then told me it was an issue with my router. I explained how I tested my network and sent a connection speed screen shot from my phone. I also let them know that I am actually an network engineer and can verify unconditionally that the issue was not my network or my connection.
They deleted the ticket.
I’ve spent my last dollar on this game and I’m ashamed I ever spent a dime.

I got a similar run-around. They claimed it was some other app on my iPad forcing the game to close. Sounded like nonsense to me, so I spent some time seeing if I could get a reliable repro. It’s actually not hard. If I go to the map screen and rapidly switch between seasons for a half a minute, the game crashes without fail.

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