Connection issues June 27 2019

Is anyone still have connection issues during game play or getting on? I’ll be in a battle and next thing I know I’m kicked off. The same thing is happening to people in my alliance during war and titans. My internet checks out fine. It’s getting quite aggravating :triumph:. @zephyr1 do you know what’s going on?

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I am unable to connect to the game at all on my iOS platform. I’ve tried three different networks but keep getting the same message “connection error”.

It looks like Charter Spectrum ISP has been having some service issues affecting several metropolitan areas in the US. Might this be the cause of your issues?

Rectum is my ISP and they are often a pain in the @$$. However, I have Verizon data service and a different network at work and I get the same fail on all 3. Could my VPN be bogging things down and stumping me?

Could be, depending on how much latency and packet loss is happening with the VPN. I’m on AT&T myself with no VPN, and that’s been very stable. The internet offers so many opportunities for difficulty between one’s equipment and the endpoint that diagnosing the root cause of a connectivity issue can be hard.

I don’t know if it will help you, but here is what Small Giant recommends for connectivity issues:

If the problem persists, you can put in a support ticket and they might be able to assist you.

I put in a support ticket and they pretty much told me it was an issue on my end not theirs. Im smart enough to know to check my router and modem and reset everything :joy::joy::joy::joy:. I told them it’s not my WiFi. It does this even when I run on data and not WiFi. I don’t get it lol

No consigo conectarme con mi otra cuenta Hode**. Desde qué acabo la guerra no puedo entrar

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