“Connection error"

“Connection error. Please check your internet connection or try a different network.”

Do you also have this problem?
My connection is ok, it works fine.

Game version : 23.0.0 build 111*

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This game loses connection more than any other app by a large margin.

I did not understand…
Does everyone have this connection error?
Or just me?

War in progress and rare titan :tired_face:

Well judging by the mail it might have been the maintenance break for the roll out of the latest version.

Yes. Same here. This happened to me and multiple players on my alliance this morning. Check out the zero point against titan when we both got disconnects.

8:08am ET was my attack
Checked my network was good. Great signal.

It happened to me during a raid tourney flag this morning. I literally just fired Needler to send his arrows downrange to kill the final enemy and before the arrows could connect an immediate disconnect. When I got back on it shows I lost and scored 0 points on that flag. It wasn’t the pulsating wifi signal you sometimes get warning you that things went hinky with your connection. Just an immediate “connection error” notice. Hacks me off to lose those tourney points and all 5 kills towards my raid chest.

Just saw you said 8am Eastern. It happened to me just after 7am Central. Makes me more sure than ever it was a problem on SGs end.

I have been experiencing this randomly on my Wifi, but phone data works. I have found the solution.

On Wifi, go into your router as Admin. Open Port 8443. Depending on your router setup, you might need to forward that port to your device (computer/phone)

Change your DNS servers This was what finally fixed it permanently for me. I set it to which is Google. Changing this fixed this error for me. I don’t know why the other DNS servers were sometimes giving me a connection error, but I immediately was able to logon after changing the DNS servers to Google and have had no problems for the past few days.

I also have this issue after Apple updated

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