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About two hours ago I started trying to sign in to the game. I received a “Connection error” message, so I checked my internet connection. All was good. I opened other games. No problem. I checked with alliance members on Line. THEY are able to get on the game. I have restarted my phone several times. I have checked for any updates and the game is up to date, version 23.0.0 build 1111.
I cannot report the issue because I cannot get on the game and get to support. Does anyone have any suggestion? All help will be tried except deleting the game and starting over. I just got my 4th BoldTusk.

Is it the error message that’s something like this?

Connection error, there was an error communicating with the asset server. This can be caused by using a proxy. Please check your network settings or try different network.

It says “Connection error. Please check your internet connection or try a different network.”
I have Hughes net and have tried both the 5g and the 2g. The message didn’t change

Ok, I’m not sure what to suggest, then. That other error message about the Asset Server is sometimes a little easier to resolve.

I’d suggest trying a different network connection, even though other apps are working.

You can also contact Support outside of the game through this link:


EDIT: there are also some generic troubleshooting steps on the Support website:

Thanks for the link. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy J3 and it seems to have had problems with some of the vision ads.
I’m not really worried. We won the war and I’m not needed to fight the titan.
You know, this would be a perfect time to push getting a nice tablet…

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I turned off Wifi and loaded the game. Now I know the problem is between my phone and the router.

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I also have Hughsnet and I’m having the same issue! Did you figure it out yet?

Not yet. Can you look at your Hughes net settings? I know I’m over my monthly allowance, but I started trying to get on during the night special.

Okay, I checked my usage and I used up all my regular allotment yesterday. That should not have made a difference early this morning.
Then my phone died. I connect it to my computer to charge. I went online while it was connected and played the game. Then I checked and I was using my wifi. I don’t understand why this would work. Try it and let me know if you can use your wifi while connected to your computer.

Hey so this morning I reset my router and it worked for awhile… later this afternoon I tried to get on again and couldn’t through WiFi so I reset my router again and it’s working… I don’t understand why this is the case but seems to be working for the moment

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