Connection error when building a mine

At stronghold 19 when i build a mine i get a connection error. I was able to build a mine and upgrade it then i got the error again and its gone

First of all, you should update your game (16.0.2) and then we can see whats going on :slight_smile: . Updating your game can fix your problems.

Gone? What was that mine level?
And to be gone you mean the connection or the mine it self?

The mine was gone. After updating it. I just did the update so we will see what happens once im done building ill try the mine again

Ok so i updated my app now the mine is not an option to build, whats up with that??? Was the the bug that i had the option, or it couldnt be fixed so the option was removed? Typical dev move

Please open a ticket in game.
That is the only way to get back your mine…

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