Connection error since yesterday. Is it a bug?

Many players can’t enter the game, is it a bug?


Same with me since today afternoon. Possibly it is for specific locations, as my clan mates can access the game (they are in Germany, I am in Bulgaria).

Preious issue some days ago was resolved.
Now it says - reconnecting…

Same here since this afternoon. I am also in Bulgaria.

It take some 4 or 5 min to get connection
. It is disturbing to wait so long time.

Явно бъгът е само за България, нашият клан има същия проблем, което затруднява изключително съгласуване на удари във войната.

Интересното е, че работи без проблеми с интернет връзката на телефона ми. Явно земните линии на един голям доставчик са проблем :slight_smile:

Having problems connecting whole day today. My GF too. Member of my alliance lost connection in the middle of the attack in war. What is the deal?

Same problem today.
War have been won but Titan flag lost :frowning:

Same to me. I’ve got network error many times, or the network is slow since yesterday.
I’m from Romania.

Same here. I am in Bulgaria.

Тоже проблема с подключением.

Не е само за България, други също имаха проблеми. Но май го оправиха вече

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Been 6 days since your message and I still have players in my alliance messaging me that they still can’t get in the game due to freezing up or connection issues. This is getting ridiculous.

Уже который раз при заходе на ивент или титана, появляется по центру значке wi-fi и вылетает из игры. Энергия теряется, а в замен только проблема с подключение к вашему серверу! Можете сразу исключить свои банальные решения данной проблемы с обновлением игры, перезагрузкой устройства и т.д. . У меня все в идеале, а вот ваш сервер умирает и создаёт для всех проблемы!

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Having problems connecting for two days now.

Problems with connecting to SG servers appeared today again, and yeah, just as @GGWP said, every other site works perfectly, connection works perfectly, problem is only when trying to log in the game. Also got disconnected several times specifically from the E&P game.

Have the same problem since the update to V42 this morning.

Before everything was fine, after that I’m stucked with the loading screen, after some time I get connection errors. Need most of the time a few tries before I can enter the game.

After that chat is not working correctly, and was kicked out a few times today.

Didn’t have problems before.

I have also problems with connection. However, it appears only when I use the Wi-Fi connection. Using Internet from my telecommunication operator I have no connection problem. Seems like a problem when Wi-Fi is used. My Wi-Fi works correctly, because all other things, pages etc. works perfectly. I don’t know if it is important, but I am from Poland.

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