Connection error since update

There is a 30 min maintenance break going on. They have sent a message to everyone, check your game inbox.

Strangely enough this is now longer than 30minutes by far. System connectivity is at an all time low

That message came up HOURS ago with “in 30 minutes” :frowning:

That was the first break, I am talking about the 2nd message which they sent before the ongoing break. :slight_smile:

Strange, I’m sure, I didn’t receive a second one. Was active with my main and my alt account. But thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:

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No issues, you can check your inbox again when we are able to connect again. Here’s the forum post for the 2nd break.

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Yep. And yet I was thrown out of a game before 10UTC and 30min have long gone by.

That is an estimated duration. It could take longer, but don’t worry everyone will be able to login when it is over. Right now we are all in the same boat. :slight_smile:

Yep, but I don’t take it as happy as you obviously because I get cheated out of a win. And this happens on a regular schedule. Wars, Duels, Special Events and suddenly poof you’re out. And no effort to make this better. Just more ideas to make the game more p2w…

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Just saw this from Petri:


Is anyone still having problems connecting? (Have you downloaded the most recent Version 22 from the Game Store or App Store?)

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That’s when the problems started after the update

Yes, fairly regularly since the update I’m getting the wifi trying to connect icon, but I’m not even connected via WiFi and have full 4G access. Most times I don’t get fully booted off, but sometimes I am. I just got booted off multiple times in the last 30 minutes.

I worry every time I start an important battle, raid, war hit, 20 WE emblem stage etc. This is not good…

The game wouldn’t have any way of knowing how you’re connected to the internet, in general. I believe that’s just their generic “connectivity issues” symbol.

I have alliance members who still cannot get in. The problem started right after they loaded the version 22 update.

Cant login from my phone since v22, luckily works at home on my emulator…

Please #contact-support so we can investigate this further. Thanks!


I’m getting the same error from multiple WiFi connections and cell. Please let us know if a fix is on its way.

As I’ve contributed to this thread a bit, just wanted to update that the latest version of the app is now working on my phone - hooray!

Thanks to the developers for fixing it as quickly as they could :slight_smile:

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