Connection Error S3 only

I cannot attack in Season 3 as the game stops responding after it takes my 6 w.e. (one and only attack just after it opened worked, but now, about 12 hours later, I can’t)

Season 1, 2, raids, and Titan attack work as expected.

I have tried wifi only, no wifi, rebooting, etc.
As this only affect S3 and not any other networked ability on my phone, i suspect there’s a problem somewhere in the game.

I use no proxy.

Typical solutions / things that may help:

a) restart game (force close it completely)

b) restart device

c) switch from Mobile/Cell data to wifi (or vice versa)

d) Clear Game Cache (NOTE only do this if your game progress is synced to your google play or apple account).

I’ve done all that but the cache clearing.
Since only S3 fails, I’ll just avoid it and hope it works better next month.

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