I cannot successfully log into the game. My screen is stuck at ‘Connecting’ but does not go any further. Are you having server issues?

I have been on the game since you posted pretty consistently. Don’t think it’s a server issue.

Also got this problem now and then. I think sometimes the connection to my google play account is not instlled properly. That’s why system cannot connect to game (guess because of missing account information)
After a re-start the issue is usually fixed.

Thanks. A restart of the phone resolved the issue.

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Thank you. A restart of the phone resolved the issue.

I’m having the same issue. I can connect to everything but Empires and P

I’ve tried this and still get a connection error. Only site that won’t come up

There is an upgrade to the game. So, try updating E&P from Play Store and see if it helps.

Is there an upgrade after the 24 version. The connection error started occurring after the version 24 upgrade.

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