Connection error...again?!

I honestly want my energy back…

Since I’m posting this message, I have an active internet conection.

I have the same experience…
It often happens on my ipad, but never on my iphone or samsung phone…

It is very annoying when it happened during wars, raids or the last wave of the stages…

I am having trouble launching the game.

fwiw, making a post on the forum requires far less wi-fi real estate than playing the game. if you’ve followed all the basic troubleshooting steps of:

  • making sure you’re signal has a clear, (more) unobstructed path from router to device
  • closing stray connections (things connected to wi-fi that you’re not using)
  • making sure your device software is up-to-date
  • making sure your game software is up-do-date
  • turning device and modem/router off-n-on

then you probably want to let SG know via opening a ticket in-game.
instructions @ #contact-support
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Welcome to forum, you’ll find a lot of very helpful players here with tons of game knowledge, if you need help or have game questions search thru old posts because most of us had same questions when first starting out in the game too!
I’m replying to your post because currently I can not log in to the game, it goes to first black page of log in which usually switches right away in to game but it’s froze with black screen with game logo in middle. I’ve closed all programs and cleared all cache. Again turn phone off again, went in to store check game it has new download, so of course clicked on it and it fully downloaded which of course give me the que go click for joining the game from the store, took me to same black screen and it don’t do any thing from there just sit wait for few minutes, check my internet and wifi and have great signal so I’m dumbfounded what is going on or how I’m supposed to get ahold of support if I can’t get on the game to report the problem. Maybe with luck someone will read it here and get my game back up and running! Best thing I can tell ya is find a little patience of course it’s difficult for me after two hours of trying frustration brings on stress in turn brings on anxiety which of course brings on high blood pressure and lord I believe this game is gonna be the death of me lol

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