Connection bug

Since about two weeks ago I’ve been getting the Wi-Fi three lines pop-up in the middle of the screen flashing while playing and then it disconnects . I’ve just had 2 disconnections today costing me 10 World energy red flags each time it disconnects. I was on the Advanced Springvale festival challenge level 15. I was at the end and had just one more boss to kill out of two and it loses connection. I never lose connection playing this game or any game but this has happened too many times now in the past couple of weeks, is anyone else getting the same problem? And how do I go about getting my world energy back? My phone is always up-to-date and it was happening before I installed the latest update and still happening. Does anybody have any idea what I can do

I have had the same thing. I can’t connect. Now it’s frustrating because it’s fine when I restart but then it does the same thing after the second opening. It was after the update

since more than two weeks ago, almost everyone either lost a job or went into home office mode, giving everyone ample opportunity to play on their phones. networks are overloaded. sometimes loos of connection happens.

Same situation on me. Fight titan once and at second try - Baam, lost connection! And lost one attack

That’s exactly what happens to me but I’m usually playing at the end of a game killing a titan or something that’s cost to many world energy flags

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