Connecting Troop+Hero

I hate it when I always have to exchange troops to the according hero, when changing the team for titans, raids, wars, etc.

I think it could be helpful to establish a connection between a specific troop and a specific hero.

E. G. Kageburado and Manatroop Lvl 11
When Kageburado is active in a team slot, it has always this specific troop. Even when there are other purple heroes in his team. No need to change it all the time.

What do you guys think?

Question: What do you envision when the same troop is applied to 2 heroes - ex. Kage and Sartana - then you place them both on the same team?


A troop can only be connected to one hero at a time

I think this would backfire. When I remove Kiril from the team and put Sonya there instead, I want her to have the best troops available. Right now she would have them, but if they were linked to Kiril, I would have to unlink them and reassign.

I think there’s no way to avoid shuffling troops, but I actually think the way it is is the best way

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The connection only exists when kiril is in the current team. If not it is randomized as always

Just to make sure all in this thread are aware… the first hero you add to a team gets your biggest troop. Unless you have 2 troop of identical strength, if Kiril is the first or only blue you add to your team, he will always receive your big troop.

The only differences I see in this suggestion are:

  1. You don’t have to think about which hero of a color to add first.
  2. If you have a mana troop and a crit troop, you can specify which one to auto-apply.

Honestly, I see more issues with this suggestion than positives. I do understand the reasoning behind the suggestion, but I think most people will check their troops anyway.

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