Connecting to server issues – Troubleshooting Tips, Staff Response, Player Tips, and advanced APN (Access Point Name) Setup Instructions [MASTER]

@Robkirky1 How “the same” is their issue? Did they try all of the troubleshooting steps from the Support article, and try a different phone/device?

Do they use a Samsung phone?

Can they get on sometimes, but just not consistently? Or have they not been able to log on at all for 2 weeks?

Have they contacted Support?

I will answer all those when i hear from him, i think hes tryed all the steps from suport, ill screen shot your questions and send it to him, cheers

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Awesome, thanks!

I’d like to help figure out if there’s some commonality with these cases. They seem to be uncommon but persistent, so I have to imagine it’s something more than just a bad connection.


Hi Aparicio891,

If you are able to connect and play Empires & Puzzles from your device on WiFi, I would believe the issue is not with your account or the Empires & Puzzles application.

Most likely the issues you have experienced are related to your mobile data provider either blocking a port necessary to the game or limiting the mobile data.

I understand you have already contact T-Mobile, however, network issues are beyond our control.

In saying this, we are investigating this issue further to see if we can affect anything on this end.

As this is not a game side issue, it is not guaranteed that we will be able to affect anything from our end, but we will do our best and update you if we have new information.

We thank you for your patience, and in the meantime recommend playing via a wi-fi connection or another network if at all possible.

If you face any other problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us again. We are always happy to assist you. Best of luck in the battles!

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Thanks for the update! Any luck since?

Coppersky i have a question regarding unable to connect to server. Cant logged in to my account!.

@chrisvilas Hi there! I moved your post to a thread related to server connection issues.

To start with, have you tried all of the steps in this support article?

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i have not tried to connect to a different connection. Ill try.

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@zephyr1 I contacted my server again and the tech guy went above and beyond. He tried to download the app and he was not able to connect either. He is 100% sure that is the app developer, contacted Samsung same thing and finally contacted Google play and they also said the issue is at the developer… so no luck lol

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Thanks for going through all of that testing, and the update!

I’m going to give the Staff a heads up on this again, and see if maybe they can investigate further.

Can you tell me the exact model of phone you’re using, and the exact OS version? I imagine they’ll want to know that.

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This is on Samsung s9+ and in Samsung S10+ this would be android system of course.

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Thanks! I passed along those updates, hoping they might have some ideas…

I suggest staying on top of your support ticket with them too. I’m hoping someone figures something out, since it sounds to me like you’re thoroughly ruling out normal causes of connection issues — seems to me at least like something else must be going on.

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@D3ADP00L Just wanted to follow up — any updates working with Support?

Have you been able to get back in?

@zephyr1 yes and basically in a nice way they told me to f** off because it is not their problem… so I guess I have no other choice than to F *** off lol

Ugh, sorry to hear you didn’t get more help. :disappointed:

And I assume nothing has changed? It hasn’t magically started working again?

@zephyr1 yeah no fix. They just launched an app update and I thought that would of have fixed the issue but nope. Google play told me I could submit a refund request and get all my money back for whatever I spent on the game.

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Hmm, well that’s kinda of a solution, I guess. :confused:

I presume you would have preferred to keep playing, though, right?

@zephyr1 well yeah lol I don’t want to ask for the refund but if they are going to screw me like that, why not…


I mean, that does seem reasonable to me at least. You’re totally locked out. I’m just disappointed there was no better solution.

@zephyr1 me too. I loved the game but their system procedures are terrible.

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