Connecting IOS to Android

I recently got a new phone and i wanted to play the game on that mobile phone. I read on this forum the you can easily connect it yourself to the mobile you want.

Now i have a question about this: Can i remove the app from my old device or do i lose all the progress and therefore my entire progress?

Transfer progress works both way. When transfer is finished and game is on your new device, you can delete game on old device.

I have game on my iPhone, iPad and Laptop. Have no problems. Be aware you can transfer game between 2 accounts (ios and android) only and you have to use same wifi.

Press that question mark, step by step tutorial what to do.


Just thought I would mention this since I didn’t know how to do it as described above-I have an Android phone and wanted to put E&P on my iPad so I downloaded an app (move to iOS) from the play store and transferred it & several other things over like that. It was very simple so just in case ya run into any issues, there is another option.

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@Mojo1 and @Builderbooo

Thanks for answering, now i know it is save to remove and get rid of my old mobile phones.


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