Connect Puzzle Combat to Empire and Puzzle

Is it possible to connect Puzzle Combat to Empire and Puzzle (and the next ones you will do)?

a previous game I was following was linked to the other two from the same house. Every 10 levels, you won an exclusive character.

is it possible to do something similar?

Bonuses can pass by

  • an exclusive hero every 10 levels.
  • a parallel stronghold. the stronghold cannot be modified by the receiving game. and is the equivalent of the original version with the basic buildings. the more the basics are pushed forward, the more benefits there are.

I have given two examples.

One problem I’d note is puzzle combat is still in a soft release. iPhone users in the USA for one cannot play the game. At least not without tricking the system.

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can you start with the Betatesters?
more than anything else the point is another.
Can it be considered interesting by the developers?

If I could vote „NO“ I would do so.

It will not only double offers, heroes and challenges, even more combined offers, heroes and challenges and so on. I don’t believe there will be any free benefits in doing so.

I have already retired my alt F2P account since I saw not the progress, what I made it for.

Why would you want to? I have no interest in Puzzle Combat, and I don’t see a whole lot of crossover between them. Yes, the gameplay is very similar between them, but the heroes and attacks are very different.

there would need to be a very compelling business case for it. I think it is not unreasonable to assume that puzzle combat is performing poorly at the moment from a monetization perspective and that that is why it still hasn’t been released after all of this time despite more or less being a clone of e&p. incentivizing e&p paying users into puzzle combat might be a great way to lose $$$

from a player perspective, requiring e&p players to be active in puzzle combat would be too time consuming for most.

If you mean that he has to face challenges in two different games I think so.
And they will triple if a new game comes out :smiley:

Between those who have both games, and those who follow only one, there must be no missions that only one of the two can do.

I didn’t ask for an exclusive “war path” for someone who has both.

I proposed if it could be interesting and advantageous to insert bonuses linked to the presence of both. But without upsetting either of the two games.

I had suggested the basis because the structure of both games is pretty much the same.

However, I admit that the effort is probably too much for a leap in the dark, without knowing if it is appreciated or not.

For the moment I would say to start from the original version that inspires me:
One hero for every 10 levels achieved in the other.

A bonus is not enough to install a game that does not interest you, it can be useful to make it take a look.

Because they are both made by “Small Giant Games”

you saw it and didn’t like it.
a bonus linking the two can incentivize those who use one to see the other. Then if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

they may also have nothing in common like games.
I consider it an incentive to those who use one to see the other.

For the base I admit that I asked a little too much (as a commitment, without knowing if there is a return).

the idea of the “secondary base” I would say to abandon it, at least for the moment.

  1. as understood by those who answered me implies an interaction between the servers of the two games. That way they won’t do it to me even if I become the owner of Small Giant

  2. as I mean it, leaving the two games with independent servers still implies a way to pass data from one to the other. the trio of games I took as a reference were on facebook, so I assume that the data they accessed was there.

  3. once solved how to pass the data leaving the servers independent (for example a unique “Small Giant” profile linked to the player and not to the game) what do you pass on the base and at what level? All solvable, all time consuming.

The part that in my opinion is as simple as feasible is the bonus every 10 levels

… to top it off, it’s a bit like smallgiantgames puts out a game where you run a restaurant.

  • when you reach level 10 of E&P on the restaurant you have “steak of the barbarian”
  • when you reach level 10 of the restaurant in E&P you have “were cook”

and likewise every 10 levels.

the most important part, which months ago did not occur to me, is that these types of elements work more as bonuses for those who still play both than as an incentive.

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