Connect Four

when I match 4 tiles it turned into a little dragon symbol and now when I match 5 it turns into a diamond but I was wondering, does that little dragon symbol that was previously for tiles have the power of four tiles and will that diamond have the power of 5 tiles? So when I hit that Dragon symbol and it goes up and hits the enemy will it have the power of four tiles or just one

The power of just 1.

When you hit a “dragon” you send up to 5 tiles into an enemy. Each of those 5 will inflict damage according to its color.

But not the one dragging tile you are talking about the dragon tile and the four surrounding it that it takes up but that one Dragon tile is still only counts as one but it just takes up the surrounding tiles with it

I think I get what you are trying to ask, and like @EvilSmoothie has said, that dragon shield tile, by itself is only worth as 1x of its own color as indicated that once you clicked it and it had its explosion animation, gets sent up as one single tile of that color. Same thing with the Diamond, after the diamond is clicked, acts as catalyst and triggers explosion of other diamond of same color and all gets sent up as 1x (including the diamond).

The damage the tiles do will of course be affected by the hero (with any buffs/debuffs), troops, and color strong/weak against the target it hits.

Thanks for the information

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