Congratulations to E&P

Yesterday i reached level 50 and came to thank the following:
•Ct 20 which required a lot of resources in 8 months to give me 3* bad heroes.
•Dozens of titans without decent spoils; when i am 1st i do not gain ascensional items and the others below win, when the opposite happens i also do not receive items.
•I only have 4 heroes 5* in the account and when i got to the portal and summon 10 only 3* comes to me. The coins of Atlantis do not result in decent heroes.
It is the most deceptive game of all and i got tired, i will invest in a fair game. I was going to complain that i don’t get tabards but i won’t. Good luck to all of you players and sufferers, i dropped this game over and over.
In 2019 they destroyed this game very quickly, last year was fairer.
Goodbye !!!

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