Congratulations SUOMI!

I am aware that this is very much off topic but SGG is based in Helsinki, Finland and their ice hockey team made them all proud today.
One of the best TEAM performances EVER in the history of the game.
Incredible commitment, hard work and determination.
I will root for you tomorrow in the final match and I wish it is against us (the Czech Republic).


Finland has won the ice hockey World Championships. Congratulations!
What a truly remarkable team and a genius of a coach.
Well deserved.


Congratulations Finland … As I’m a Canadian, I can’t help but feel a little let down :zipper_mouth_face:


Oh no, a random portion of our medium good players lost to a random portion of theirs… given that the roster spots on the teams depend on chance, the topic fits into E&P based on RNG alone…

Clearly mis-matched. All games should be suspended until it can be fixed :smile:

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Yep, congrats.

Won without NHL players.
It’s like becoming #1 without any HotM.



Also congrats from my side! Also a huge ice hockey fan. Even when we (Germany) beat you in the preliminary round :wink:


Onneksi olkoon… Suomi on paras Leijona :lion:

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