Congratulations SG! Waiting for AW!

Empires & Puzzles maker Small Giant Games raises $41 million for mobile titles

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I have (had) some bucks on that ammount…

Personal congrats in form of a post instead of just liking! :blush:

Congrats SGG team!

Here’s hoping as you move to new games that you stay with all of us on this one!

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Confirmed over 1 million players.
holds off on ranting about the neednto expand event tiers


Now that’s impressive.
Hands down guys.

Congrats and thanks for a great game :blush::muscle:

I’ve put so much in I should get shares!!


Grats SG! Looking forward to more of E&P. :smile:

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Nuff said, no more excuses for this games short comings. Put that money to good use and make it better!

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Thanks for posting! Interesting stuff…amazing how much they get done with 25 people. :wink:

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