Congratulations SG! Waiting for AW!


Empires & Puzzles maker Small Giant Games raises $41 million for mobile titles

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33 Million

I have (had) some bucks on that ammount…


Personal congrats in form of a post instead of just liking! :blush:


Congrats SGG team!

Here’s hoping as you move to new games that you stay with all of us on this one!


Confirmed over 1 million players.
holds off on ranting about the neednto expand event tiers


Now that’s impressive.
Hands down guys.


Congrats and thanks for a great game :blush::muscle:


I’ve put so much in I should get shares!!


Grats SG! Looking forward to more of E&P. :smile:


Nuff said, no more excuses for this games short comings. Put that money to good use and make it better!


Thanks for posting! Interesting stuff…amazing how much they get done with 25 people. :wink: