I would like CONGRATULATE the SG dev team for all their hard work and time on season 2.

The season and all the added features that came along with it including the distribution of both coins and possibilities of gaining mats was a much needed necessity within the game and will most definitely bring a whole new light and prospective towards the game itself.


Work on adding extra items in the store for gems or a an actual sitewide stire for members to sell either heros for ascension items or hero swaps or other and you will have a game which would become the envy of every game creator around.

Again guys



With less world energy expenditure would be perfect, that’s too much, it’s only worth spending once and the xp is low.


Maybe but that’s compensated by getting the coins as rewards which gives you so many extra free pulls in the Atlantis Summons.

Don’t go knocking a fastastic gift for a few Energy Extra.


Ok, but en four days, 8/7,8/7,8/7

But you get it once, which means S2 is basically a once play.

No one will farm it for that low xp … ever


What do you want for nothing, be happy got it once m8.

At least during that once you have a fair amount of free Atlantis Summones which you wouldn’t normally have if the coins weren’t there at all and you’d be up for gems (money) COINS are FREE.

Doesn’t anyone every appreciate a good thing when it’s stares them in the face.

Like I always say it’s human nature to be greedy.

My glass if always half full, what’s yours?

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Not great for game longevity m8


I’d farm for backpacks and swords and crafting items, they give you a ton of them. I got 8 backpacks and 3 training swords with a nugget and dragon bones, with 2 heroes found on one of the levels. I don’t care about xp that doesn’t do much for me.


It’s quite disappointing tbh,levels are too easy to finish.rewards are ok I guess for a one-off but they will never be used to grind xp or hard can it be to award recruits/xp proportionally to energy used?grinding levels is 90% of our playing time-at least try to make it a little more interesting.


I’m not sure what level or province is needed to unlock S2, but I’m guessing they wanted XP comparable to the S1 unlock prov. Which I heard is to complete prov. 15.

I totally agree with above poster about S2 bieng loaded with mats and items. Those are more valuable to me overall than the XP. Good job SG!


If you can’t see the option to change from S1 to S2 button when you click on the map then you haven’t upgraded your game to it’s latest version.

Then you can play either one as you wish without needing to finish S1 first.

Oh right on, 6 flat run got 1600 or so exp. Doesn’t 8-7 that everyone so loves give 850 exp. For 3 flags? The exp per flag feels similar, although not a lot of S2 data yet of course.

Guess we will find out when we get there hey, lol


Totally agree with you! I think S2 is a big improvement for gameplay. The devs made a great job here and I do appreciate their efforts!
If you use a magnifying glass, you will always find something which isn’t perfect, but hey, the devs are humans, just like we are. And nobody said, that problems can’t be fixed later…
From my point of view, there is no reason to complain. Love it!


Hahahaha. Man did you really make a congrats post and then ask for something that will never ever happen in the history of ever? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There’s a lot of good in season 2. But you know, with how much they get paid to make this game, and with how little concessions they are willing to make to their player base, I personally don’t think SG is deserving of any thanks.

Well, no more than any business that continues to produce new products for their paying customers. Like, when Smirnoff releases a new flavor of vodka, you don’t see people lining up to congratulate and thank them.

This is the same thing. Except that SG isn’t taxed appropriately so that a portion of their proceeds go to those afflicted by gambling. Poor Smirnoff has to pay for alcoholics. Just doesn’t seem fair.

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I guess your glass is either always half empty or completely empty.


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The last thing we ought to want is for SG to make any concessions to their player base. How would it be if other people in the business of creativity made ‘concessions’ to their audience? (Spoilers.)

  • The Stark family would all be alive and well.
  • Hamlet would be King of Denmark.
  • John Coffee would have had his sentence commuted at the last moment.
  • Bambi’s Mom wouldn’t have met an unfortunate end.
  • The Titanic wouldn’t have sunk.
  • Mufasa would have led a long and happy life, abdicating the throne only in his dotage when Simba had already reached late middle age.

Not good. Their job is not to gift us what we want, it’s to keep us interested. We’re not good at judging how that ought to be done; they are.

  1. Not all gamblers are ‘afflicted’. For some it’s a harmless hobby,
  2. Not all Smirnoff drinkers are alcoholics. (Most probably are, It’s awful stuff.)
  3. Still, it’s a pretty good point @Duaneski is making. If Smirnoff has some responsibility for alcoholics who use their product, SG ought to have some responsibility for problem gamblers who use theirs. Are we sure they are not taxed appropriately? How much tax do they pay?
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The only ones greedy are the devs. Now they’ll make a buttload of extra money for people pulling more useless 3* heroes they don’t need when they try to get the ones they want.

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No, wait - can I please take a wild guess what just happened to you?


Remove Season1 3* heroes from Atlantis Summon. No one needs them at this point. Their only use is to be fed for XP, which is a waste. I got 3 Priscas from a 30x summon. She is the worst S1 Dark 3*. What am I supposed to do with the 3 of them, level them up and never use them because I have better Dark 3*?

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