Confused with what should be my Team ! Need Help


Please see the details as below. Request help in advising on how to grow my league.
What should be my Defense - cause Kingston/Magni are somehow not performing awesomely well for me :frowning: Also - do I have too many 3 star heroes ?

Stop working on 5s

Work on 4s untily you have 25-30 maxed

Then worry about 5s

Defense team= I’d finish maxing jackal and probly go kingston seshat boldtusk magni jackal or tank with kingston and go seshat boldtusk kingston magni jackal


I don’t get the logic of finishing 4 star ahead of 5 - If I know I have a 5Star Green - like Kingston then why do I need to Max a Green Caedmon ?
Your Thoughts ?

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Because you want 30 maxed heroes for wars and titans and other areas of the game for variety in team compositions based on the challenge/opponent you’re facing to maximize results

3* are too weak(though keep em for 3* only challenges and to fill voids you don’t have leveled 4* in)

5* are expensive as they cost twice the rare mats to get to max level and twice the hams and feeders and a lot more time

4* are the happy medium of the cost vs gain ratio


In war, you can use kingston for 1 attack but what if you want another green sniper in your next attack? You’re stuck since you didn’t max caedmon

Not only that but 4* have a solid variety of dispellers and defense droppers, healers, stat buffers, etc that are either hard to get for a 5* or are hard to max

Kingston can lower attack of opponents

But he can’t dispel defense buffs, riposte, attack buffs, etc like caedmon can and the only greens that are 5* and do what caedmon does are zeline and evelyn who are both super tough/expensive/lucky to get

Have to work but will elaborate further later


That’s right. My “green” attack team (which is mostly purple!) usually includes Kingston and Lianna, but if I need an extra dispel I’ll bring Caedmon instead of Lianna. He doesn’t do anything like her damage but sometimes he’s the right tool for the job. And then in wars I don’t have nearly enough 5* to make 6 teams, so I eke them out with strong 4* (finally got beyond the stage where I need 3s to make up the numbers, but never say never - they can help on clean up).

May I suggest blowing a few gems on increasing your roster size? Your 3* collection are all good, it would be a shame to eat any of them really.

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You possibly get stuck in the whole game by only focusing on legends.

Your future def could be
Fin Sesh Telly Blacky Vela


Will do definitely :slight_smile:

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got it - but would love more thoughts :slight_smile:

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To be very honest you need to treat this game more like a marathon race than a sprint race. It takes loads of patience.
Focus on levelling 4 x 4* rainbow teams and at least 2 x 3* rainbow teams while at the same time building your stock of mats for legendary.
You also need to focus on levelling your troops.
It’s really easy to fall into the trap of levelling your 5* first and then stalling because you can’t max.

For your 3* level - Melia, Kvasir, Belith, Mnesseus, Bjorn, Chochin, Nordi, Gato, Ei-Dunn and Bauchan.

For your 4* level - Hansel, J.OHare, Brynhild, Boldtusk, Scarlett, Colen, Rigard costume, Tiburtus, Cyprian, G. Jackal, Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Boril, Triton, Grimm.

And for your future Rainbow 5* team : I would tank with Telluria and have Black Knight, Seshat, Joon and Finley

Good luck


Thanks. This helps a lot.

I think most things have been said. You have great 5* heroes there, but if you focus on them now you would level like forever, getting each of them on 3-70 if at all, without getting decent set of maxed heroes to really compete in challenges, wars and so on.

Also, to be most efficient regarding resources and leveling speed: Level one hero of each color at the same time and only feed heroes of the same color to them (more xp). I wouldn’t recommend leveling only one hero with different colors before you have your set of 30 heroes for alliance wars (plus a decent selection of 3* for events and raid tourneys).

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