Confused..... two part question

Can I convert my Hero Academy back to a forge AND then back again as many times as I want?

AND… if I can, do I have to level everything all over again?

Yes you can convert the HA back a to a forge, no cost, as many times as you like. The buildings retain their level, they do not change on the swap. Only requirement is that you have a free builder to do the conversion.


This is a perfect answer and welcome to the forum @Dalton7234. Switching buildings is fairly easy when you have the VIP pass. Remember to switch it back before you start building something else, or you’ll be stuck with that building until the next one is completed.



Thank you Dalton7234!

Sorry to come onto you question. I am trying to figure how to post my own with out it being on someone else’s reply

If you’ve just joined the forum, there are a few activity thresholds (looking at threads, reading posts etc) that you need to meet prior to being able to post a thread of your own

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