Confirmation box for Base purchases with gems

I tapped the Base screen coincidentally and unintentionally at the same moment that a popup appeared. Doing so cost me 500 valuable, non-refundable gems for items that I do not need.

Given the fact that these messages appear in the middle of the screen as you attempt to navigate the Base screen, an “Are you sure?” confirmation window should appear whenever you try to purchase using gems.

I want my 500 gems back :disappointed:

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I agree that theses popup are annoying at a point. Especially if you log in a lot on the game like me. I have to press the back button lot of time. I think first of all theses popup should only appear 1, 2 or 3 times per day. And yeah i agree that there should be a confirmation message for every gem purchase to avoid miss tapping.


There was also an idea to add “don’t show again” checkbox in all of those pop ups. Offers are always displayed on the screen as a widget/icon anyway so there is no need for those offers and other pop ups to show up randomly every few hours. Ugh.


As annoying as they are, we understand why they appear so often (to make money from people who maybe did not consider it before), so I do not expect a “Do not show again” checkbox happening any time soon. But if you do purchase with real money, you have to sign in as a second precaution from accidentally spending real money. I simply feel that people spending gems should be allowed the same “protection” in some form.

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