Confirmation box for Base purchases with gems / Confirmation prompt before purchasing Food/Ham/Iron refills / Confirmation box before using gems for Food when leveling Heroes

I tapped the Base screen coincidentally and unintentionally at the same moment that a popup appeared. Doing so cost me 500 valuable, non-refundable gems for items that I do not need.

Given the fact that these messages appear in the middle of the screen as you attempt to navigate the Base screen, an “Are you sure?” confirmation window should appear whenever you try to purchase using gems.

I want my 500 gems back :disappointed:

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I agree that theses popup are annoying at a point. Especially if you log in a lot on the game like me. I have to press the back button lot of time. I think first of all theses popup should only appear 1, 2 or 3 times per day. And yeah i agree that there should be a confirmation message for every gem purchase to avoid miss tapping.


There was also an idea to add “don’t show again” checkbox in all of those pop ups. Offers are always displayed on the screen as a widget/icon anyway so there is no need for those offers and other pop ups to show up randomly every few hours. Ugh.


As annoying as they are, we understand why they appear so often (to make money from people who maybe did not consider it before), so I do not expect a “Do not show again” checkbox happening any time soon. But if you do purchase with real money, you have to sign in as a second precaution from accidentally spending real money. I simply feel that people spending gems should be allowed the same “protection” in some form.

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Specifically when leveling heros. It will ask if you want to use gems to buy the remainder of food required to level the hero. It’s the second time I’ve wasted gems on the food. When leveling, I imagine I’m not the only one who goes through it quickly. It’s easy to waste gems on food.

It should have a confirmation prompt.

Just wasted 1000 gems on food again while leveling up troops. This really needs to fixed. What a waste.

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Seriously extremely frustrated

Hi pleases add a dialog for confirm to get resource by gems. If it want 100 gems or higher

I lost 800 gems for 500 000 iron.

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It should definitely be this. I lost my jewels without even confirmation when I accidentally touched my hand :frowning:

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I’ve only made this mistake once and it still haunts me. 200 gems for a regular summon. So much trauma.

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Mine was something I didn’t really need at all. I bought a raid bottle when my dominant energy was full. Lol


I don’t know how many times I’ve wasted gems on food while leveling up heros. It usually happens after a large purchase for example paying 3311k of food to research level 10 Hero Academy or any severe loss of food. Then by habit I’ll level up troops. With a shortage of food I press level it quickly prompts use gems, I accidentally press it and it doesn’t give a confirmation prompt. I’ve wasted thousands of gems this way.

I can’t be the only one that has run across this problem. Put a confirmation prompt in please!

I’ve been shunned by the developers on this. They claim I received the benefits of the purchase already and refuse to refund the gems. I get it, it’s probably a pain to revert the game for a single player and a nightmare to do it for a bunch of players. Why not put in a simple confirmation prompt? Then if I or any other player hits use gems twice at least it’s absolutely our fault.

You need to confirm it already

If you have enough food and lvl your troops you won’t get any notification.
So whenever something pops up during troop leveling, you will pay gems

It’s not a confirmation prompt. It’s a single hit

It needs to say ‘are your sure you want to spend gems after you hit it.

Didn’t you figure to be more careful after the first dozen times?

Yeah, I try, but after playing the game so long it’s automatic. Because leveling troops or heros is tap after tap after tap faster tap. Over and over and over and over and over

But why?
You already see that you don’t have enough food when the food counter turns red.
If you still insist on leveling your troops you get asked if you want too use gems.
You don’t get asked, if you have enough food.

If you don’t notice the food counter and don’t read the notification, why would you read a second?
It would be nice if there would be another confirmation, but I think it should be possible to manage without.

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