Confirm window


Hello! Firstly, sorry for me english) that is not my main language.

So Yesterday I faced with a problem, and I dont want to face it again, or someone another face it.
Yesterday in the right part of main screen appiared “energy drink pack”. I pushed it, just to see, what is this. There is 5 red, 4 blue and 3 purple bottles. Cost it 1200 gems.
I dont know how, but my finger accidently push “buy” bottom…and program had bought it! There is NO new confirm window, or something like that. So I upset after that, becouse i have another options on this gems.

So my propose is to add such confirm window in the next versions of a game. Everybody can get into such bad situation.
Thank you!


I agree with this, I made the same mistake once and as everything else such as the summon gates have a confirmation window then the items in the shop should have one too.


I had the same problem whas heppned to me too LOL and i did mention this to the issue report too 2 moths ago!!!


Thanks for the suggestion, however, there is already a confirmation pop up in place when you tap to purchase in the shop - it says Confirm Purchase.


In the shop - maybe. I dont want try it again)
Another place, where such window will be ok - is a menu, where you can buy new empty slots for heroes. There is no confirm window.

Petry, you can see, that i am not alone with this))


Well then this has changed in some update since my accidental purchase, because a few months ago when it happened to me there was no confirmation window.

I too clicked on the icon below the summon gate that appears sometimes when there is a new item in, such as Energy drink pack, ( in my case it was some sort of ascention pack I think ). Then i fumbled somehow and bought the pack with no intention of doing so, and I am sure there was no confirmation window. ( Don’t want to try it now to be sure, I like my gems way too much :wink: )


Do you try to back gems by support?


I reported this right after it happened and did not get my gems back and I understand that, or else everyone who buys an ascension pack and gets just a few backpacks for example, would want their gems back. :wink:

I got a reply that they would put it into consideration when developing the game.


I try now, but dont know what they answer.
This energy pack is different from another: the content is fixed. There is no random) so I belive to get gems back)