Confirm talents only after selecting all nodes you can

When you assign talents now, you choose a node and confirm the selection before being able to assign next one.

I would like the option to select several nodes and confirm the talents afterwards.

This would make it more convenient for using stored up emblems once you finally level your hero. But it was also offer a small chance to rethink the assignment. Let’s say I assign emblems to the wring branch. I’d like to have the option to change it before I finish buying talents.

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Not exactly the same idea, but I think they all arrive at the same conclusion: reset emblems are rare, so some way to at least confirm the path before using emblems would be nice.

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:thinking: You’re right, I actually didn’t think of it as saving reset emblems, more like a convenience thing. I like how in one unnamed mmo I can first choose all the talents I can before I apply, so that’s what I was missing here.

However, there’s not really much choice in Empires and the wrong choice gives just two wrong talents :thinking:

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I like this idea. I repeatedly look at talent boost, close upgrades, look at hero to see new stats in my head, then go back to choose. With your idea, I could see what the end total result was before applying. Great idea

yah I want this to be implemented. If we’re not going to get many reset emblems at least I’d like a preview of the path

EDIT: I’m removing my vote, as recently, Class Quests have been giving Reset Emblems as loot.

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