Confirm leaving an alliance

Please consider adding a confirm statement when players push the LEAVE alliance button. We’ve had multiple inadvertent leaves in the middle of Wars which is problematic. The LEAVE button is very close to the Titan and War buttons in the Alliance page. Thanks.

I’ve never done this and I’m not gonna try. Been a while since I left an alliance. If this is true, it really should be adjusted.

@mhalttu. I don’t really like bothering y’all but it should be an easy adjustment if it’s true - and I’m not gonna try it to confirm.

There is already a confirmation dialog when you press leave.


Good. Thanks for checking up. I sort of feel stupid now but that’s okay.

Could you confirm if that’s the case in the check mark for the wars?

When I’m checking my defense team I’m always worried I’ll accidently hit it.

I think you can check this yourself pretty easily without any harm done

I thought about it but it’s too scary :joy::rofl:

Yes, there is a confirmation dialog.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my silly little question. I appreciate it.

Thanks for the quick follow-up.

I’m new, so I can’t start a new thread, but this is the closest to my issue.

Can we please have a confirmation box after (so often accidentally) hitting the LEAVE button?



There already is a confirmation “asking are you sure” after you hit the leave button.

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