Condition Damage (DoT) revamp (stacking)

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Coming from an MMORPG background (Guild Wars 2) it has been interesting to see various parallels in the games (one example is Taunt, which wasn’t in the original of either games, so made me think perhaps some of the SGG devs play GW2 lol). A big type of GW2 playstyle/build is based on Damage over Time (DoT, or “condi” as it is affectionally/hatefully known in GW2 lol).

The main difference in GW2 is that there are two stats (attributes) that effect condi damage. That is condition damage itself (like Attack in E&P), and expertise that affects the duration of applied conditions. And condition damage stacks, whether from the same source or different sources (iirc there are rules so that stronger condi isn’t overwritten by weaker condi, but it isn’t turn-based, each DoT hits each second.)

I would love to see stackable conditions in E&P. I know it has been questioned before, as in how it would work, and I’ve seen reasonable arguments for it not being stackable (comparing to att/def up/down, fair enough for those but they’re totally different things.) But what if condi across the board was all toned down, and then we allowed stackable conditions?

Example (Proteus and Chesire Cat on same team, numbers based on current cards, not scaled down):

Turn A: Proteus applies 327 poison damage for 3 turns (109 per turn)
Turn B1: Chesire Cat applies 276 poison damage for 4 turns (69 per turn)
Turn B2: Enemy takes 109 poison damage; remaining: Proteus 218 for 2 turns + CC 276 for 4 turns
Turn C: Enemy takes 178 (109 + 69) poison damage; remaining: Proteus 109 for 1 turn + CC 207 for 3 turns
Turn D: Enemy takes 178 (109 + 69) poison damage; remaining: Proteus finished + CC 138 for 2 turns
Turn E: Enemy takes 69 poison
Turn F: Enemy takes 69 poison, then finally cured!

It can allow for another variant of team build, one built around a condi focus.

While doing such a revamp, a new “ability” can be added to new/existing heroes that is similar to Critical Chance… that is Condition Duration. We already have Attack up/down, defense up/down, etc. Why not have a Condition up/down? Heroes that can buff Sartana, Natalya, etc, and heroes that can weaken them as well. This would obviously be added into special skills, as a stat would pretty much need a new engine/game written I imagine! But there could be a new type of troop perhaps…? (This could get SGG to take it seriously, a whole new type of troop for players to BUY and level up!)

Hmm is there a hero somewhere that increases duration of status effects or something like that? It rings a bell now I think about it.

Anyway I just find that Attack / Defense / Health kind of boring, and as we have DoT already in the game why not make it a bigger part? Yes, this would be a huge balancing task for the devs. But it opens up the doors to a lot more varied play and counterplay.

Finally, there is that new “stack” mechanism; I’ve not thought about it in this context until right now lol so not sure if it could be a new vehicle for condis…?


the problem with this, is that people are already complaining that DoT stacking is too overpowered as it is.

If this was implemented, the DoT of all heroes would have to be significantly lowered to keep it in line; but then, those DoT heroes would be pretty weak when used in isolation; you would NEED to have a team of DoT heroes in order to have them somewhat viable.

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Condition damage ruined my GW2 experience.
DoT stacking is too tricky here as we have undispellable status effects.

-Glide To See You (Necromancer)

Yeah true… not like everyone has a huge roster I guess.

Could always add other goodies to heroes such as Natalya… so she’s still useful beyond her mana rate reduction and nerfed burn… but paired with a condi dmg booster hero she becomes dangerous.

Hmm but then you could have that condi booster hero with say four burners as a team… ouch lol.

Would just love to see there be some more attritional gameplay added I guess, and condi would be a major part of that. Maybe the answer is just more HP across the board lol (with a tone down of healing percentages of course.)

But I’m not a top level player, and if none of them have thought along these lines then it isn’t that great of an idea hehe.

Oh cool, fellow Tyrian! EU or NA? I mostly just do open world PvE so running condi for variety was fun for me… but I know competitive scene has had various thoughts on the topic lol.

Yep would be complicated, at least to follow as a player, tho if you had poison from say two sources with one being undispellable, then only the dispellable one gets removed.

EU, I were mostly doing PvP and World VS World as a Reaper.

Just thinking… wouldn’t it be great to see Kvasir’s bees slowly blow up enemies as the poison builds and builds??

Also we have bleed stacking already (only from barbarians and Tyr afaik)… I dunno… take a couple Sartana’s in your team, with a Proteus… and condi bombing the enemy is something you can do. Reduce the poison each of them apply, but give the appliers some other perk (an extra 5% direct dmg to Sartana, include a 10% mana cut for Proteus, etc). Then include a hero that can make applied condis (of a specific type only perhaps) 30% stronger for 3 turns for example (so same as atk up idea), and bam something different to play with/against.

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