Concerning the Devs


I had a couple of issues with my app. I sent an email thinking I wouldn’t see a reply.
I was wrong. Not only did I get a reply, my issues were addressed and fixed. Promptly!
I have seen posts from the person who fixed those issues on this site.
Maybe the lack of response people have complained about lies with them, not the devs.
Take a look at the amount of people playing this game. Several different countries, time zones, and an international dateline to boot! How many emails and BS complaints do you think they deal with?
Don’t be rude, have some patience and consideration. This is an awesome game. IT IS FREE! Nobody forced anyone to spend money. I know several people who have gone quite far in this game, and are still progressing, no money spent.
It can be frustrating finding, or waiting for ascention materials. But that’s part of the fun.
Thank you to the team who created this game. I enjoy it and belong to an awesome alliance. If all your experiences with this game have been so terrible, then please go somewhere else. This game is not for you.