Concerned about possibility of losing account


so i am currently logged in and playing just fine on my phone but with the updates and potential updates on my phone and comments i’ve seen about people losing their accounts, i’m a tad worried. i don’t recall setting a password when i started and if i get logged out i don’t want to get screwed. did i set one and i’ve just forgotten or does it just use my google play account?


If you’re linked through Google Play, you should be fine


Yes it uses your Google play account


thanks for the quick responses.
thats a relief.


Ruse, should the unthinkable befall you, to help get your account back more quickly do this. In-game, go to:

Menu > Options > About

Take and keep a screen shot; your account number is at the top (please don’t post yours on the Forum, we don’t want someone trying to hack your account!) :wink:

The way the game saves is if linked to your Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (Android).


I have a file with my google play account username and password in it so that I can just log in again if things get bolluxed up.


I updated too and it was fine as long as your account is linked to google play.

I think those who lost their accounts are in the minority. No worries!


Your progress is safe as long as you have connected your game to Google Play (on Android) or Game Center (on iOS). You can check the status from the in-game settings.

It’s also good to remember that both services only support one save per account (Google Play account or AppleID). Trying to save more than one game per account will result in lost progress.


It’s also recommended that you link your account to Facebook. While this does not save your progress, it does expedite the process of a recovery if it’s ever required!

You can make sure that you’ve saved your game on Google Play or Game Center by going to the in game menu to Options–>Settings. At the bottom of that screen it will tell you if you are signed into Google Play or Game Center.