Concern with new family bonus?


Based on this thread:

It shows that the Guardian family gets a Healing bonus depending on the number of different heroes. However, none of the Guardians are healers. How can anyone get the 5-hero bonus of healing without a healer? (except in a war with field aid?)

Will there be a new Guardian healer?

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Guardian gazelle is a healer

Hello Rigs, I was not sure if they consider “regeneration” as healing for this particular bonus. Even if it is included, the linked provided indicates that Gazelle only heals themselves. Thanks.

You’re right, seems gazelle only regenerates hp for herself and yes i believe any type of health gained from special skills or items is effected by the health boosts of troops and other skills(triton, family bonuses)

Could be useful for field aid wars…

Only guardian i would currently even think about running in defense is panther

Gazelle may be 2nd one depending on final release

And i dont see me ever running 5 heros from same event in any situation unless I’m goofing off

Rigs, I just finished max leveling ALL of the Atlantis Family. Their family bonus is +20% Defense for everyone. I will be using them in my war defense team as that is a big kick. I have a variety of options with this family.


I wouldn’t do it personally but let us know how it goes man

you forgot about the useless Guardian Owl he heals him self as well


Lol true i always forget he has a special skill :joy:

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