Concern about the upcoming Alliance Wars

Alliance Wars

I confess I’m a little apprehensive about this concept.

I’ve seen nothing yet about it’s implementation, only that the devs have been working on it for a while and they’re excited about it.

Alliance Wars will be sort of like raiding, I suppose, wherein one Alliance declares war on another and the players are assigned targets or combatants based on strength or number of trophies, until after several rounds or days, one Alliance is victorious over the other.
It then goes on to fight another, climbs the leaderboard and so on, until one Alliance is ranked #1.
From a game designer’s perspective, I’m sure that’s brilliant.

Here’s why I am apprehensive.
First, I do not like Raiding. No, I hate it. If raiding were the focus of this game, I’d have quit after four days. I don’t like raiding for the same reason I don’t like PvP games - I genuinely do not like the idea of attacking other players. I hate the PvP games where some 13 year old with his Daddy’s credit card and a head full of hormonal angst can buy up a character to Max level and weapons, and go around bashing and bullying everyone around them.
And when I play these games, the knowledge that the character I’m attacking is connected to a player behind another screen somewhere, I get almost physically ill at the thought of challenging them. In real life, I dread the notion of fighting anyone. I can beat up programmed monsters all day long, but not other player’s characters.
One of the things I like about this game is that raiding happens against other players’ defense teams while the players are off-line - that disconnect makes it more palatable for me. (I have been the victim of a raid while I was playing, however, so that’s not foolproof.)

And raids are so skewed, if I do try to raid someone, even my 2940 team, all 4’s and 5’s, somehow manage to lose 9 times out of 10 against teams as low as 2400. Raiding - losing game after game after game - only leads to anxiety, depression, and a desire to break my phone or delete this stupid game.

So no, I really don’t like raiding.

So, Alliance Wars.
I’m the leader of an Alliance called Passion and Fury, which is designed as a welcoming, introductory Alliance for new players. Over half the people in my Alliance don’t even have any 3* heroes yet, and most have zero trophies.
My worry is that Alliance Wars will try to force people to engage in raids against other players, Alliance vs Alliance, possibly against their will.

Do players in an Alliance thus challenged, have the option of not participating?

Will Alliance members who want to fight be angry at Alliance members who don’t?

If a player loses several rounds in a row, can he or she become the victim of harassment or bullying by more aggressive participants?

I worry that this could lead to Alliances collapsing from infighting.

Do Alliances have the option of not engaging in Alliance Wars?

Or is every Alliance open to attack by another - or even individual members?

I’m sure you have assumed that not every member of an Alliance will be as gung-ho for raiding as others. Me, I’d rather not take part in it at all, no matter how tasty the rewards are; but I cannot speak for my entire Alliance.
What will happen, I think, is that the more passive players, like myself, will drop out of - or be forced out of - the gung-ho, kill-em-all Alliances, and by attrition will wind up banding together in non-combative Alliances - and then be preyed upon by the more aggressive ones.

If you ever wanted a way to make me walk away from my favorite phone app game, this could be it.

I really, seriously, do not enjoy fighting other players.

I am really not trying to be a downer, just voicing one person’s opinion.


I do not know how the alliance war is being implemented, but it may not be like the PvP of the cups.

Or it’s like the event, ranking by individual score, the total score of the members of the alliances by defeating monsters.

Maybe it’s something to value and not so much PvP as you fear. :blush::blush:

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You are assuming way to much.

The gameplay may be as you describe (and i don’t dislike it at all), or maybe a countdown between 2 alliance and see how much damage they do on… uh… 4 titans? (1 for color)
Or maybe another system that we don’t know yet. Who knows?

What it is sure, is that no one force you to play it.
There surely be some price for the winners and/or top alliances, but if you play just for fun and are against to PvP, you can simply ignore this event.


You’re probably right, I am assuming way too much. It’s supposed to be a fun event between players.
I hope I can just ignore it, it’s just based on something I really dislike. Ah well, we’ll see.

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There is no info yet on how alliance wars will work. When it comes out in beta, I’m sure the info will leak out and people can comment on it. You could of course apply to beta too if you like.


Agreed, all my apprehension s are purely conjectural. I could be dead wrong.

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hopefully in the beta we will find out. but hoping it’s a automatic thing like here is the match up and in 24hrs or more you will find out which alliance will win after the auto battle for the designated alliance war team u set with the rest of the alliance.

What? You want the whole thing to be automatic? Where’s the fun in that?

Whichever way it goes - PvE, raid-like PvP, ladders, points, timers, I’m sure it will be an active mode, there’s no point in introducing a major feature for the AI to play vs itself… :rofl:

But yeah, I’m also sure that it will be optional. BUT, I would also expect it to require an alliance-wide effort, like titans. So, indeed, if someone doesn’t want to participate and the rest of their alliance does, it might cause some snafus. But it’s all just guessing and speculations at this point. Maybe it will only count participating member contributions or some such. No idea. :face_with_monocle:


think about it when is every member is on at the same time with no interruptions? not likely. maybe at most 5-8 ppl on at the same time. and if so it’s just those are most likely to play AW and dragging afk players team with them.

Who says about no interruptions? Everything in this game is geared towards “play when you can”, so there’s no way the Alliance Wars will be any different :slight_smile: Like titans, it will probably be some 24/48/72 hours time window so that everyone can squeeze their hits/whatever in. I wouldn’t worry about it.

On the other note, there’s absolutely nothing fun in automatic “challenges” that don’t require player input. It’s a game for active play. I know there are games that are based on just checking stuff/picking stuff every now and then, but the entire design of EP is built around players playing, so any new feature will absolutely have to fit that design :slight_smile:

It’s to give people more to do, prevent the apathy and boredom. Auto-farming map levels is bad enough as is when it comes to things to you click-and-forget until it’s time to click them again :stuck_out_tongue:


I share your concerns. I despise raiding! The aggression engendered in my former Alliance mates was very uncomfortable. I was involved in several rather heated discussions about how emotions in the game follows us into real life. Anger always has consequences.

I urge the Dev’s to allow an Opt out option. I believe we will see a split in our community along these lines. I for one will not participate. My alliance, Riyria, is an open door place to rest and grow and we are agreed on this subject.

how about within 23hrs ur matched up agaisnt the the alliance by where u stand in the alliance and locked into a set raid style. or like a raid one by one strongest to weakest knock out Battle Alliance War

I prefer competing in maps similar to special events rather than raid mechanics. Raiding in this game sucks so I would rather not see that part of the game expanded further.

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i also hate raiding too. i chose this game because it wasn’t a PvP focused game.
i fill my chest and then choose run on a few rounds to keep my score low. i rarely get attacked this way. and those that do lose.
i hope there is an alliance war opt out or that its similar to the trophy score- meaningless.

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I might be excited about alliance wars but since they can’t get the basic raid mechanic fixed to a point where it is fair and balanced, I hold out no hope for alliance wars. Raiding already has most of my alliance frustrated and if we put wars on top of it, all I see is more frustration in my group and I’m sure plenty of others. I’m sure the top 10 type alliances are excited over it cause it will give them another chance to stroke their egos but for middle to lower tier alliances I don’t see it going well. Hopefully I am wrong.


I didn’t read your entire post but I read a lot. I don’t like pvp either.

Raiding sort of bores me, and I’m sure this has been covered exhaustively, but my two issues with it are:

  1. The defending team has too much of an edge

  2. The cups are meaningless.

I really like the events and the high level of difficulty quests, because it requires strategy and thought. It’s my favorite part of the game. I don’t even really like the Titan battles because it’s so board dependent, and 90 seconds you either hit it or you didn’t.

In short, I like less random and more strategy.


To each their own, for me personally my interest in raids fluctuates. Sometimes I like it and get pleasure out of checking out to see how high I can get my cups, sometimes I prefer to be lowkey and have easy raids.

For the sake of including both sides of the argument I do want to piggyback on your last part, regarding strategy. For me the events and higher levels of quest don’t really require that much strategy. I can complete the final level of the rare quests with a rainbow team without items pretty easily. The events require a bit of strategy with figuring out the best heroes to use and deciding whether which items you’ll use all of/how many flasks you want to pop - but for me it is what the titan battles are to you: very board dependent.

Raids and titans on the other hand is where I get my strategic pleasures which are very similar I assume to what you have with events. Picking the right heroes that have good synergy in specials & items that work well with those heroes, using the items at the right time - trying out different ways and coming up with better scores etc. As this is going on daily and the scores make more sense to me than the event ones (too unclear for me which part weighs how much for the end score), I can work on improvement every day.

Raids became a lot more fun when I started understanding them better, it is arguably the most strategic part of the game as it has no real time pressure and you have to be very careful about almost every move due to the way the defense works. It can be very frustrating to have a surprise combo you didn’t take into account (lol, who would’ve thought I’d be cursing at combo’s) or to have a crappy board - but changing your team for every raid and working the board / using your specials strategically makes it a very enjoyable part of the game for me.

Figured I’d share a different side :slight_smile: (personally also hope alliance wars is not completely focused on raids btw, but so far nothing seems to point that way yet anyways).


I wouldn’t mind Raids for the reasons you stated, if there was any other tangible reward other than advancing the chest count toward the next elemental.

Yeah I’d much prefer it if there was a bit more to it than just cups with no meaning. I do quite like stealing other people’s resources though, so there’s that :sweat_smile: