Conan Allince

Why I joined Conan alliance.
I have always competed and ranked into top one hundred or better in any game. This sound like you?

I decided to find something on the fringe that would except my roster that I felt was solid and viable. I just could not meet all of the numerical requirements of the top 100 alliances.

So I took my time visiting fringe alliances on the cusp that checked off my wish list.

I wanted to kill 14* Titian’s with out breaking the bank on high end battle Matt’s.

I wanted to be ready with out scrambling should they introduce higher version of Titan… no clue if that will happen but wanted to be ready none the less. Still sounding good to you?

I didn’t want to be under someone’s power trip in leadership. Some people just can’t handle it and this game although needs rules and measures when not holding up ones end of the bargain, it really should not be a job and have huge meetings about it either.

This leader is retired been there done that. Runs the ship tight but does not ask anything of me or anyone out of line or infringement on my own personal boundaries.

I’m an a goofball mix in with my competitiveness. Others are walk silently but carry a big stick. Not into banter but they just do and do well. We have a blend of all sorts and in between and all can be who they are.

No where will ever be perfect but I felt and 27-29 players feel that way too. People will leave for their own reasons this is to keep the light on should you be next in line to call this place home.

That’s why I personally joined here.

Purple war tank with yellow a a flank, rainbow out the rest of the slots as you see fit.

142 mythic titan rating I feel that’s around where we are as a whole.

Need line app.

We have a space open… all you need to do is knock.

Conan Alliance

Hi there, your alliance open for new joiner?

We are full but I’m not sure the new guy will work out are you still looking for a new home?

I just settled in a new home. Thanks for responding!

The slot is open. The player didn’t cut it. You can reply here or just search Conan Allince and request a join will chat in there if you like.

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