Composition Team

Hi all,
I want to change le composition of my team…
This are my 5 stars characters:

  • Vivica (max costume), Justice (max), Malosi (max), Joon (max), Leonidas (max)
  • Seshat (max), Sargasso (max), Quitus (lv3-70), Domitia (max)
  • Kadilen (max), Lianna (max costume), Kingston (max), North Mother(max)
  • Marjana (max), Khagan (max), Kelile (max), Jean François (max)
  • Magni (max), Frida (max), Isarnia (max), Fenrir (lv3-60), Richard (lv3-50)


What is your current set up and do you have emblems on any of your heroes?

It seems like you have several sniper options but no top tank options.

The first idea that came to mind is:
Green could be MN, Kingston, or C-Lianna.

I could also see C-Viv as a tank.

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I assume it’s about your defense. Then I’m with @Ruskin505 . With Viv as a tank instead of Joon and a difficult decision for green with a tendency towards Kingston or Lianna.

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Seshat, vivica-c, Richard, Marjana, Kingston is probably what I’d go with. No shared emblem between these heroes.
While waiting to max Richard could maybe try
Seshat, Vivica-c, khagan, magni, Kingston but in this lineup heroes share emblems

To me looking at it your best tank option is Justice so I’d look to build round that.

Something like Seshat - Magni- Justice - JF - Mother North

Justice is a bit too slow in the current world to be a great tank so I’d get to work on Maxing Richard to take over unless you get the costume for Kadilen. But I still prefer her over a healer tank like Viv.

Actualy I use: C-Lianna (emblem 8) - Seshat (emblem 20) - C-Vivica (emblem 10) - Magni (emblem 12)- Mother North (emblem 1)

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That’s a combo I was considering but definitely flip Mother North to left wing. It will let revived heroes use specials that turn.


Thx. Fenrir is bad? Or when is max i can switch with magni?

You can. Magni doesn’t have great defense but he’s a decent flank because he provides defense up for self and nearby.

I’m not sure it’s a huge difference between the two so I’d use whoever is emblemed more.