Completing tier after event ends should still award tier rewards

But just like how the raids work, they should ramp up damage, and eventually end it through sheer numbers.

That would preclude a lot of people who can only beat the final stage 10 in a very long drawn out battle from getting the completion since the damage multiplier I’ve found skews things. I think more people would lose out on completions from that method than any last minute straggler gains. Besides, you had 4 friggkn days.

EDIT - and what i mean by skews is that in raids the heroes on attack and defense are roughly equal. But in the challenge the bosses are much stronger than individual heroes like in raiding. So when you take a group of medium strength vs a few large powerful ones that might be evenly tilted, multiplying things will often skew in favor of the few large ones because of one shotting.

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