Completing Lunar Year event with 4*

Just wanted to share my experience here.
Been using this 4* team for completing all Lunar year advanced stages without having any difficulties!

Mana block
Counter attack
SSD decrease
Minions for survivability
Damage to 3

Share your strategy if you have challenged your self to complete it without using any 5*!

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I am wondering if Mielikki minions are disable by the lunar family’s passive, then you would have a hard time to combat them.

Yeah it’s true. Mielikki’s mana gen minions will be shut down by that rabbit/tiger passive

I once completed costume event with this team. I know there is hawthorn in this, but if I would to replay again, I would swap him out with gullinbursti

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Yes the Lunar passive disables her minions mana regen.
However, by the the time I reach the final stage with the Lunar bosses, I was already having 3 minions which act as extra health since Azmia’s heal is not minimal.

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The updated costume quest? That’s impressive!
I haven’t tried that with a team 4* only.

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