Completing challenge events with small team

If I will max Mist, Boril, Boldtusk and Melendor (costume), can I beat challenge events with level 10 forge?

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Do you mean Legendary difficulty or epic?

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Ideally both) especially when I have one more compass and add Rigard to this combo)
It is definitely not pirates, and maybe not Alice.

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It would be very difficult but possibly doable with mana potions, axes, arrows and antidotes.

Boril is often an excellent hero for challenges


Thank you) but maybe I must level other 4* which I have?

  1. 2xLiXiu (costume)
  2. Cyprian
  3. Colen
  4. Kelile
  5. Mireweave
  6. Wu Kong (maybe instead of Mist)
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IF you can max all of them, I’d try 2x Li Xiu costume, mist, wu kong, melendor costumed.

If not, I don’t really think you have a chance tbh.

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I do not have so many spheres) I can do an epic rainbow, but not 3 whites. 2 is possible, if uncostumed.

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you know the costume only takes 1 orb right?

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Yes) but I have only 8 of them)

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Mist / Li xiu / li xiu / boldtusk / melendor… MAYBE. But you could still likely fail and waste a bunch of resources.

Another thing you could try is

Mist / Li Xiu / Wu Kong / Melendor / Mireweave. And then what you want to do is make sure you leave 1 mob alive in one of the waves, and continuously fill up on mireweave’s special, until it reaches maximum stack size. Bring mana pots, attack banner, axes, hp pots.


I have used Wu Kong to beat the events in Epic and Legendary every time. He’s very useful because tile damage is important to beat bosses.

Then I would focus on leveling yellows or reds so you can stack the event weak color maybe? Two of the final bosses are purple, one green, in the coming Event.

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It is not about upcoming pirates, I cannot level heroes as fast as 12 hours for hero)
It is for upcoming events when I can level a heroes.

I will not do any summons before May, because I already have Telluria, so, I want to finish May’s Guardians with these heroes.

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Oh ok. I would still level Wu Kong. I use him every single event.

yellow doesn’t work for guardians because it reflects then…

I used him in reflect yellow also. It works. His special is not reflectable. Only his tiles.

Yes, Wu Kong will definitely be leveled, but I do not know if it desirable to use it on events.

I saw many videos on YouTube where people complete events with Kirill, Cyprian, Rigard, Boril and Sabina (even costume quest).

I want similar team, but do not have Kiril and Sabina.

there are many ways to play, I just don’t think that’s a good way to go, but you can try it.

Got epic level with 3/60 heroes: C.Melendor,C.Rigard,Boril,Boldtusk and Wu Kong.
It was long, but not so hard)

Got legendary yesterday with only epics.

Wu kong, Boldtusk, Gormek, Li xiu and hu tao.

This team helped me to finish most of the levels. (if i changed some heroes only was gormek for colen in the begining, and then some greens to take down finley)

For the last levels i nuked the bosses with axes, bombs and dragon attack.

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I do not have such forge to make even bombs.
I use axes only for remove bosses’ attack (and healers can heal its damage).

Counterattack saved my day (and Rigard, even being purple).

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