Completely Disappointed, Training Didn't Produce 4* or 5* Hero

You generally need to make a lot of pulls from TC20 before getting that first 5*. I’ve been running TC20 non-stop now for about 9-10 months so that’s about 150ish pulls. At 5% I’d expect 7-8 5* heroes from that many pulls on average.

Some get more in that number of pulls, some get far less. I actually pulled close to double the expected. But initially I pulled a LOT of 3* and occasionally a 4*.

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And in another thread, “I don’t won’t make you TOO INSANELY jealous but I got a HOTM on my second pull at TC20”: includes pics for proof.

Yeah, sorry, I read that here this morning. Oh, and math is just not as simple as it seems, even when they try to make it sound simple. The worst I have heard is 0, 5* in 350 pulls. Statistics is not a predictive tool in a very large range of values. Probability? That may make your hair fall out trying to make it make sense.

Well as mentioned, it all required patience, my first pull from TC20 was a 4* and the second 3*, then 3rd another 4* then 2 more 3* and then I got Lianna on the 6th pull, now already fully maxed and on my defense team. Since then it has been 3 stars galore! Except a few days ago I got Sabina.

Needless to mention that 4s would not excite me as I have gotten all the classic 4 stars in the game plus a dub of each, all from regular and events summons . So any 4 will now end up being a fodder.

However, my purpose of TC20 is for classic 5stars and it doesn’t cost me any gem to keep running it, so patiently I kept running one round the clock, while other TCs are helping out with fodders for leveling.
Patience is key in this game. So I suggest you keep trying.

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