Completely Disappointed, Training Didn't Produce 4* or 5* Hero

Well. Here again.
Please! Since the last update someone of the developer could me explain what means these?
2 days ago I started to training a new hero. I have 20 level at training camp. It finished today and when I went to pick my super-hero… oh! An 3 stars hero appear. Wtf! I want my hero of 4 or 5 starts as my level of training camp said. See the Picts. Very very bad the game. Not recommended.

is it a JOKE?

My ACCOUNT to check the BUG

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It is working as intended. It says training with a CHANCE of Epic and Legendary heroes. According to players experince and my own the chances of getting a 3*,4* & 5* heroes are approx 75%, 20% and 5%, respectively. :slight_smile:


It has a chance for epic or legendary heroes, not guaranteed. The percentages are roughly:

75% rare hero
20% epic hero
5% legendary hero


Hi there! You can check the TC20 Results thread to see the percentages of heroes that legendary returns.

As Shenjairo stated above, the rough average is:

3* = 75%
4* = 20%
5* = 5%

Your mileage may vary, depending on number of draws over time. My personal percentages are closer to 78.5%, 16%, 5.5%


Oh my God! So many resources to gain a small héroe. I feel angry

Where is that tc20 thread?

Is this your first time trying for Legendary (5*)?

I’ve tried over 100 times. Others have tried far more. It is what it is. :slight_smile:

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Yes. My first time waiting as a donkey to gain that. :frowning: So. Where I can find that TC20 thread?

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Give me a second, and i’ll post the relevant post below for the odds:

EDIT: This thread was closed but here is the first date i found my post in:

Edit2: Here’s the first time @Talisax tallied the first 1000 player pulls and got the percentages we all now use:


It happens to everyone. In my alliance I am the one who keeps a tab on everyone’s TC20 pulls. You can see our results here and you can see that it very well corelates with the percentage data arrived at by the players in the forum. It takes some time and patience, but in the end it always pays off. All the best. :slight_smile:


It can say that is better to collect gems to exchange into Atlantis and do not use food to apply for level 20 training camp.

Depends where you are up to in the game and what heroes you have/want. Esentially TC20 training is free being you don’t spend $. Also the % rate to pull a 4 or 5 star out of TC20 is higher then Atlantis too so take that into consideration.

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And some will say the TC20 has better percentages that the summon gates (1.2%, 1.3%).

“I’ve heard it both ways.” :slight_smile:


Why not do both? I’m running 4 training camps on legendary AND will be doing a 30-pull in Atlantis. Hoping for good fortune!

To the OP : Stick with it! The 5* will come…


Whenever i refer to level 20 training or the summons, I always put CHANCE in all caps to help remind me, and everyone else that there is absolutely no guarantees.

I can understand the shock if the OK wasn’t aware of this!


My first attempt at TC20 last July…


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Oh god why. I need a bit of lucky

Key word that you missed is “chance”
Stick with it and dont have expectations. you will feel better and that 4 or 5 star will come before you know it.
I am currently on my 7th 3 star streak.

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I’m just broke my 3 week streak of 3* with sartana. That’s not the longest 3* run I had either


My longest streak was 21 consecutive 3* heroes. My longest non-5* streak was 122 (and after getting Horghall another 88 streak of 3* / 4* heroes only).

The key to good heroes from TC20 is patience. Maybe your next hero will be Boldtusk or even Lianna, maybe you will draw another ten or even twenty Ganjus, Friar Tucks and Carvers. But eventually the good heroes will come :grinning: