Completed season 2...except i haven't

I completed the heart of Atlantis (final map) challenge on the hard level - but the overall level score still shows 75/80 and in missions the season 2 map progress is ‘incomplete’.

However i can use autoplay on that final hard level which gives me the food etc as expected but even then doesn’t acknowledge I’ve completed season 2, and so I’m missing the other rewards.

Any ideas?

Carefully look through the map and make sure there’s not a missed level somewhere


any level you finish on normal you can play on hard, you might have skipped a hard level by mistake, care to share a screenshot of the map so we could help?


Thanks for the quick replies, triple checked and all the other maps are 80/80.

Maybe one area in the last map? I made that mistake a couple of times

Go in to the province that says 75/80, take a screenshot, and post it here. I’ve seen a few of these threads, and a screenshot solved the issue right away! :slight_smile:

Sorry everyone - I’m an idiot.

Quadruple checked and…

Missing one level and not feeling at all embarrassed or stupid or smalll or…


How dare you make a mistake! And how dare we associate ourselves with mistake-makers!?!?!?

Glad you found it, that would have driven me absolutely bananas.


Yeah, it’s lucky i kept quiet about it and didn’t make a complete fool of myself!




you know there’s a bunch of other mistake-makers keeping quiet in the back, using your solution for themselves. :wink:

Thanks for asking the question. There are no stupid questions. :slight_smile:



Asking a question is much better than complaining and saying the game is broken and bla bla bla, and after that they realise that they made a mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

And there is many people will help and try to help with whatever they can


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